Meat & vegan

Packaging for meat

This food-safe and sustainable packaging has that little extra touch in the form of the punched motif of a cow. Our addition of an extra panel to the box means additional product information can be provided on the packaging.

Techniques and materials used:

  • 350 g/m2 renewable duplex board (biodegradable)
  • Two-colour offset printing front and rear
  • Water-based dispersion coating
  • Punched motif of a cow
  • Straight-line gluing

Plant-based food packaging

This packaging exudes sustainability and a tough image, reinforced by using the rougher back of the board as the front. The packaging is made from a renewable raw material, is recyclable and fully biodegradable. In other words, it's perfectly in line with what the vegan brand stands for.

Techniques and materials used:

  • 275 g/m2 moisture- and grease-resistant duplex board (biodegradable)
  • Five-colour offset printing
  • Matt, water-based dispersion coating
  • Straight-line gluing

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