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Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries is a printing company and manufacturer of folding cartons, established in the north of the Netherlands (Friesland). It's a widely known fact that we Frisians are a pretty matter-of-fact bunch. But still, we are extremely proud of our company, operating as it does throughout Europe and producing the best-known packaging. Packaging for small customers, right up to large multinationals and everything in between. We are growing not only in terms of the number of customers we work for, but also with regards to machines, space and staff. You learn something new every time you walk through the premises.

Do you have a challenging job for us? Would you like to come round and discuss it? Or would you rather have we sent you some samples for inspiration? Whatever the case may be, please feel free to contact us! We're ready and waiting.

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Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries
Lorentzstraat 27
8606 JP Sneek

Postbus 17
8600 AA Sneek

BTW-nr: NL005342983B01
KvK-nr: 01045905

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