Household & hygiene

Packaging for household products

Voor dit merk is er een inventieve, duurzame sleeve bedacht en geproduceerd die het product borgt, afsluit, maar toch ook zichtbaar laat

Techniques and materials used:

  • 350 gr/m2 renewable duplex cardboard (biodegradable)
  • Five-colour offset printing
  • Water-based dispersion coating
  • Glued structure

Packaging for soap

We're dealing with a tough guy here, at least as far as the board's concerned. A whopping 650 grams of triplex board, 861 mu thick.

Techniques and materials used:

  • 650 g/m2 renewable triplex board (biodegradable)
  • Fully sustainable board
  • Four-color offset printing
  • Water-based dispersion coating
  • Has an 'auto-lock bottom', making the box quick to assemble

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