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Printing department

Door het vouwkarton te bedrukken wordt er meerwaarde toegevoegd aan de verpakking. De drukkerij is dan ook een belangrijke pijler van ons bedrijf. Met onze moderne high-speed drukpersen en korte inrichttijden kunnen wij verpakkingen, van kleine tot hele grote oplagen, efficiënt produceren. Wij geven uw verpakking een unieke uitstraling. De verpakking kan tot wel 7-kleuren bevatten en we hebben veel verschillende lakmogelijkheden. Bij Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries hebben we veel opties voor het in volvlak of spot aanbrengen van deze lak: mat/glans dispersielak, mat/glans UV-lak en combinaties hiervan zorgen voor verrassende resultaten. Ook kunnen wij blisterlak aanbrengen.

Die-cutting and embossing

We have a very extensive tooling and dies workshop. Once the correct die cuts have been produced using our CAD-CAM-system, they are cut out of the cardboard during the die-cutting process. During the same process, the creasing, zip and perforation lines are applied. Since we embrace sustainability, the leftover cardboard surrounding the product is collected and recycled. At Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries, there are various elements we can add to packaging to make it even more luxurious, e.g. by applying accents to the surface that you can see and feel in relief. This is known as embossing. You could use it, for instance, to make your logo more eye-catching.

Foils for finishing

There are various types of luxury foil to choose from to give the packaging that little bit extra. Gold or silver foil, holographic foil, or 3D foil. Just name it and we'll arrange it for you.

Fold gluing

The very last link in the entire process. The initial, still flat packaging materials, are folded at lightning speed by our folding and gluing machines and glued together to form the final consumer packaging materials.

The gluing department

Quality control

Quality is of paramount importance to Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries. That's why we use the best people, resources, procedures and techniques so that quality can always be guaranteed. Needless to say, it's not only at the end that quality checks are carried out, but rather throughout the production process, by our specialists and by the machines themselves (through the use of in-line cameras, barcode readers and glue detectors, for instance).