Product development

A lengthy process has to be followed before we start the actual packaging production process. We're happy to sit down with clients right at the beginning to work out the finer details of a concept that meets every requirement. We make decisions together about, for example, the structure and which type of cardboard to use. This is because the choice of cardboard will have a significant influence on both the running of your packaging machines, and on the appearance of and protection provided for the product. Our experienced specialists will be happy to explain which product characteristics of the various types of cardboard will best suit your product and your requirements. We produce models, where required using various types of cardboard, in our CAD-CAM-department to give a clear idea of the end result. This can be very useful.

Example of packaging in development


As well as the CAD-CAM-department, we also have an in-house DTP (Desktop Publishing)-department. The DTP-staff check the accuracy of the art work supplied and can prepare and adapt the designs. If you wish, they can create a representative colour proof for you.


Sustainability is very important to Koninklijke Drukkerij De Vries. Folding carton is an exemplary sustainable and renewable packaging material which, once used, can be recycled and then re-used within the same industry. We also advise brand owners on new developments to help them achieve their environmental objectives, but without compromising the quality of the packaging. This means we are constantly innovating - through the use of new materials and types of carton (e.g. FSC®-certified cardboard or already recycled cardboard), and also by saving on weight (where possible), and employing smart design structures and making efficient use of colour.

Meer weten over hoe en waarom wij maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen? Lees hier onze MVO-verklaring.

Food-safe packaging

Very strict rules have to be followed for packaging which is going to contain food. Food legislation provides that food packaging must meet, among others, migration standards. This means there must be no migration of certain substances in the product due to be packaged. That's why we use only food-safe ink and materials. The good news is that food packaging just happens to be one of our specialist areas and we'd be delighted to share our ideas with you. Please feel free to contact us!